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Some cab drivers operate their vehicles as if they were going into battle. Too often, the unfortunate result is an accident that results in serious injuries.

Cavanagh Law Group is a Chicago law firm dedicated to helping cab accident victims get the compensation they need to put their lives back together. Our thorough case preparation techniques put us in a strong position to achieve positive results, either in settlement negotiations or in the courtroom. Contact our Chicago cab accident attorneys today for a free case evaluation and consultation.

Liability in Cab Accidents

Liability in cab accident cases can be complex. For example, if you are struck by another car that ran a red light in an intersection, the insurance company of the other driver may be primarily responsible. However, the cab driver also has a responsibility to look both ways in intersections and to avoid accidents when that is possible.

Our lawyers will document the liability of all responsible parties, including the cab driver. An investigation of the driver's background and the cab company may reveal a record of:

  • Past traffic violations
  • Past accidents
  • Alcohol or drug use by cab drivers
  • Poor vehicle maintenance practices
  • Poor hiring practices by the cab company

Cavanagh Law Group will work tirelessly to build a strong and successful case for you. We will make a full accounting of your financial and emotional losses, in order to seek full and complete compensation for your losses.

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