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Motorcycle accidents remain some of the most violent and common accidents on our nation's roadways. Although a number of people assume helmets alone offer adequate protection, the truth is that there can be no true assurance of safety when you are sharing the road with vehicles that weigh several tons more than yours. With over 5,000 people across the nation killed in motorcycle accidents each year, and many more injured, it is hardly surprising that such events are a frequent source of active litigation.

Make Sense of Your Accident

Like any vehicular accident, cases such as these hinge on being able to prove the negligence of another driver, or a road hazard. This kind of forensic work is exacting and specific, and doing it effectively often means calling in the resources of traffic experts, medical experts and eyewitness testimony. Assembling a strong and compelling case, in short, requires nothing less than considerable manpower and experience in the practice of motorcycle accident law and personal injury litigation, which is why you want to work with proven personal injury attorneys with many years dedicated to helping our clients maintain a positive outlook.

We Know Motorcycle Accidents

There is a long list of injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, such as:

  • Head trauma

  • Brain injuries

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Disfigurement

  • Amputation

  • Paralysis

  • Broken bones

  • Permanently disability

Motorcycle accidents most often alter a person's life. Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we believe it is our responsibility to help people quickly move on with their lives after such an event. We work aggressively to ensure our clients walk away with a positive outlook and a fresh start at life.

Some of our representative motorcycle accident cases include:

  • Egbert v. Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet, et al.
    Settlement: $1,900,000
    — On October 8, 2012, Cavanagh Law Group partners Tim Cavanagh and Matt Rundio obtained a $1.9 million settlement for a 38-year-old man injured in a car crash in Romeoville, Illinois. On November 5, 2006, Bill Egbert was on his motorcycle stopped at a red light when he was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Fr. Raymond Garbin. The impact threw Bill onto the hood of Garbin's car and his motorcycle was catapulted down the road. The car's windshield was shattered by Bill's motorcycle helmet and Bill sustained multiple injuries, including a closed head injury. The matter was on trial at the time of the settlement in the Circuit Court of Will County.

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