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As a bike rider, you have as much a right to the road as any other driver. But many car and truck drivers fail to see motorcycle riders, which is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. Such cases require careful investigation, to determine what really happened and to clarify what witnesses actually saw. They also require energetic advocacy during discovery, case preparation and when necessary, in the courtroom.

Cavanagh Law Group is an aggressive, results-driven personal injury law firm with a record of success in challenging cases. We thoroughly research each case, document our client's economic and noneconomic losses, and advocate tirelessly to get results for our clients.

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Thorough Case Preparation and Advocacy

Motorcycle accidents often happen when someone making a left turn fails to yield to an oncoming motorcyclist. Accidents can happen in other ways too, such as when a car or truck sideswipes a motorcycle.

When we represent you, our attorneys will undertake a thorough and comprehensive investigation of the accident. We never take the police accident report at face value. Instead, we will have a professional accident investigator on the scene to determine what really happened.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in cases involving catastrophic accidents such as head injuries, paralysis and spinal cord injuries. We will work closely with the victim's doctor or medical specialists to determine the victim's current and future medical needs. We will make a full accounting of all losses, including lost future income and pain and suffering, for inclusion in your claim.

We Plan on Going to Trial

"At the onset of a case, we make it clear to insurance companies that we are serious. Our attorneys will start preparing for trial immediately."Tim Cavanagh

Cavanagh Law Group does not take cases with the intention of settling them. We take cases to win — so that our clients can get the compensation and medical care they need to rebuild their lives. Our attorneys will fight tirelessly on your behalf, at all stages of the legal process.

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