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Premises liability in Illinois far exceeds the usual slip-and-fall litigation so many people know about. Because of the complexity, this type of litigation can include the focus on the status of the visitor to the property where the injury occurred, whether the person was legally on the property, and the actions of the owner and visitor. Premises liability covers cases of significant injury, lasting physical damage and even wrongful death. Whether you were injured in a public or private space, it is important that you do not let predatory insurance companies take the reins regarding your major medical expenses.

Understanding Premises Liability

Factories, open lots and countless other locations are often poorly maintained and filled with unknown hazards, and it is all too common for otherwise healthy people to fall prey to the dangers that reside in hidden corners. Far worse is the kind of denials you may hear from reluctant property owners, despite ample evidence of hazardous property. Cavanagh Law Group has been trying and winning cases of premises liability for nearly a decade, and today this firm stands at the forefront of the nation with a record of successful litigation.

We represent persons injured in premises liability situations such as:

The job of Cavanagh Law Group is to build a complete case that includes notice of awareness, as well as photographic and medical testimony on your behalf.

Some of our recent premises liability settlements have included:

  • Shafer v. Wolin-Levin
    Resulted in a settlement of: $3,000,000 — A 32-year-old woman suffered an electrical shock in her kitchen because the landlord improperly wired an electrical outlet. The woman developed four level complex regional pain syndromes resulting in a surgery implanting a pain device in her back. The case settled on the eve of trial for $3 million.
  • Catala v. City of Chicago
    Resulted in a verdict of: $310,000 — An adult female fell due to a sinkhole in the crosswalk at the intersection of Belmont and Western Avenues, sustaining a spiral fracture of her femur that required several surgeries. The city of Chicago, which owned and maintained the crosswalk and street, denied that it had notice of the sinkhole.

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