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Products liability can cover any number of defective everyday objects, from construction equipment to children's toys. The key to winning such cases lies in proving that the liability existed in the form of a manufacturing or design defect, or that the manufacturer failed to adequately warn of the product's inherent dangers. Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we have been earning our clients major settlements in the area of products liability for several years.

Winning a Products Liability Case

The process itself is actually quite simple. We work with experts in design and manufacture to get all the details about the injury or claim, including any internal memos that may bear on your case. We also work closely with medical professionals to ensure we have an accurate perspective on the injury itself, up to and, including informed projections about your ability to work and function in the future.

The End Result

The result is an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that a flaw existed and that our client has suffered as a result of negligence, breach of warranty or strict liability. Drawing a straight line from one to the other takes experience and a deep understanding of the Illinois products liability legal system. We have been winning products liability cases in Illinois and throughout the nation for many years.

Our representative settlements in products liability include:

  • Munoz v. Mack Trucks, et al.
    Resulted in a verdict of: $3,000,000
    —-A 32-year-old employee at Waste Management suffered amputation of his leg below the knee; after his leg was caught between the arm and cab of a dump truck. A products liability lawsuit was filed alleging that the truck was designed defectively because the pinch point was not protected.

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