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When a great number of people are impacted adversely by a product, medication, environmental hazard, or medical device, the system cannot generally withstand hundreds or thousands of individual personal injury lawsuits. Thus the mass tort system was devised: a form of collective litigation that groups all affected people under a single legal umbrella and files an action on behalf of the population as a whole. Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we have been intimately involved with mass tort litigation throughout Illinois and the nation for many years, and today we have earned a national reputation for exceptional skill and effectiveness in lawsuits such as these.

Types of Mass Torts

Mass torts come in a number of varieties nowadays, each with its own attendant set of rules and guidelines. Products liability cases, for instance, typically begin with a news story or recall and gain momentum from there. As with any individual products liability case, these torts rely on proving the defect and its effect on a wide variety of people. Medication and medical device mass torts, on the other hand, may begin with a single medical malpractice claim and spread through the legal community that way. Lawyers seek to discover common symptoms and issues associated with each treatment and find people similarly afflicted. It is incumbent upon the plaintiffs to prove and demonstrate what went wrong, and to prove as well that they were acting within the manufacturer's guidelines when the problem occurred.

We Know Mass Torts

Cavanagh Law Group is well-regarded for our experience in mass torts, which draws upon the extensive knowledge of a team of attorneys who have significant experience in this area. For over two decades, we have been fully involved in class-action and mass tort litigation involving the full range of state and federal causes of action.

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