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It is a sad but true consequence of this age of automation that occasionally, even the most reliable technologies fail. Although most such events are minor and forgettable, the results can be catastrophic when that failure occurs to a crucial piece of equipment. Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we understand that major collisions involving locomotives can sometimes be the result of a catastrophic technical error, and that failures such as these can cause injuries on an extraordinary scale.

Get the Facts on Defective Railroad Signals

The truth is that failures of railroad signals are rarely caused by any one factor. Although the initial event could be as simple as a burnt-out bulb, it takes a considerable build-up of human error and poorly managed systems to create an actual collision. Unfortunately when such a chain of events does occur, the result can be a missed stop, an oblivious motorist and any number of fatalities. Add in the hundreds of tons of mass a train carries and it's not hard to understand why even minor dispatcher errors can swiftly decimate a car or truck.

Each Railroad Collision Case Is Different

Cavanagh Law Group has been working with the victims of railroad collisions for many years, including accidents caused by defective railroad signs and signals. We have earned over $350 million in settlements for our clients, each of them according to our commitment to contingency work: you don't pay us unless we recover funds for you.

Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we are widely known for winning major railroad settlements throughout Illinois and across the country. Our record of success includes the single largest railroad crossing injury settlement in Illinois history.

Some of our major railroad accident settlements include:

  • Velarde v. Illinois Central Railroad Co., et. al.,
    Resulted in a total verdict of $55,715,406.65 (Verdict for passengers
    21,310,406.65) — A couple was awarded a total of $21,310,406.65 for injuries suffered in a January 9, 2001, car/train collision. Fidel, age 73, and Francisca, age 73, were passengers of an SUV struck by an 8 million pound train at 50 miles per hour. The crossing gates and lights were not working and the dispatcher erroneously told the train crew that the crossing was protected. The plaintiffs suffered traumatic brain injuries in the collision. The total award to the Velardes' and their daughter, who was the driver of the car, totaled over $55 million.

    This was a state record in Illinois for a railroad crossing collision case. The trial of the lawsuit was expedited at the request of plaintiffs' counsel due to the Velardes' agent. On February 8, 2002, after a two-week trial, Timothy J. Cavanagh received a record verdict in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of his clients.
  • Ajmeri v. Illinois Central Railroad Co., et al.,
    Resulted in a Settlement of $9,100,000 — Hanifa Ajmeri was severely injured in March, 1998, after the car she was in collided with a train in DuPage County. Ms. Ajmeri was left with nerve and mild brain damage. The case stemmed from an accident in Bloomingdale, Illinois, when a car that carried Ajmeri was hit by a train owned by the Illinois Central Railroad Co. At the time of the accident, the train was operated by Chicago Central & Pacific Railroad Co.

    According to Ms. Ajmeri's attorney, Timothy J. Cavanagh, railroad crossing lights were not visible at the time of the accident due to blizzard-like weather conditions, and the crossing gate for the southbound traffic had been knocked down.

    The February 8, 2000, settlement was reached while counsel was selecting a jury. The trial was slated to begin that same afternoon.

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