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Truck accidents tend to involve enormous forces and considerable damage, which is why so many accidents arise from negligent behavior each year. Although a number of truck accidents occur on roadways because of driver negligence, it is almost as likely that poor design and maintenance can lead to issues such as unsecured loads, malfunctioning brakes and tire blowouts. No matter what the cause, the result is typically the same: major injuries that will mean years of treatment, exorbitant expense and lost income.

We Know Truck Accidents

Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we understand the many nuances of Illinois law that pertain specifically to truck accidents. From major Class 8 heavy duty trucks to Class 1 light duty trucks, Cavanagh Law Group offers unsurpassed expertise in the relevant statutes governing proper maintenance and driver behavior. We are proud to have earned our truck accident clients some of the largest settlements in Illinois history.

Try Your Best Case

Because of our many years helping people with serious truck accident claims, Cavanagh Law Group offers a unique understanding about the trucking industry, including expert assistance for motor vehicle accidents of every sort, such as motorcycle accidents, rollover accidents and mass transit accidents. Our attorneys and staff are highly knowledgeable about:

  • Truck and car accidents
  • Truck accident causes and injuries
  • Truck driver responsibilities
  • Types of trucking accidents
  • Truck maintenance and accidents
  • Defective truck equipment

At Cavanagh Law Group, we understand the legal and practical problems associated with 18-wheeler crashes. We know from experience the importance of investigating a trucking accident and rely on expert independent investigators to perform this crucial task.

Some of our truck accident settlements include:

  • Taylor v. Salvation Army
    Resulted in a total verdict of: $4,500,000 — In October 2003, Mr. Cavanagh obtained a $4.5 million wrongful death settlement for the family of a woman killed in a collision between a van and a semi tractor-trailer. The case settled immediately prior to jury selection after lengthy discovery.
  • Barnes v. Berry Electric Contracting Company, Inc., et al.,
    Resulted in a total verdict of: $4,100,000 — A 70-year-old grandmother was driving to the store when her vehicle was broadsided by a truck driven by Dennis Svec, an employee of Berry Electric. Svec was lost and looking at his Blackberry device when his vehicle entered the intersection. Witnesses testified that Svec ran the red light, although one witness disagreed. Mrs. Barnes suffered multiple traumatic injuries including a C4-5 distraction injury and dura tears requiring anterior and posterior fusion surgeries, multiple pelvic fractures requiring external fixation surgery, punctured heart, rib fractures, closed head injury and cranial nerve palsy. The case settled immediately before opening statements one year to the day of the crash. The case was advanced to trial after Mr. Cavanagh took over 30 depositions in twelve months.
  • Brown v. Seaberry
    Resulted in a total verdict of: $1,000,000 — A truck crossed the center line crashing into vehicle driven by a young man who suffered traumatic injuries to his left arm.
  • McGill v. G.G. Connections, Inc.
    Resulted in a total verdict of $1,000,000
    — Mother and son were killed in a two-vehicle collision when a truck driver ran a red light. The case settled for the full limits of the trucking companies' insurance policy.

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