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Compensation for Truck Accident Victims

Truck drivers sometimes push themselves to the limit by skipping rest periods and driving through the night. Others may use over-the-counter or illegal stimulants to stay awake. Tired drivers are a hazard to themselves and to others. They can cause serious and life-changing accidents.

Cavanagh Law Group is a team of experienced personal injury attorneys who aggressively represent accident victims and their families. We work diligently to get results for our clients, because we know the difference that we can make in our clients' lives.

If you or a family member has been in a serious truck accident, we want to help you. Contact Cavanagh Law Group for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Illinois Truck Accident Lawyers

Cavanagh Law Group won a $1 million settlement on behalf of a mother and son who were killed in a two-vehicle collision when a truck driver ran a red light. The case settled for the full limits of the trucking company's insurance policy.

Federal regulations require interstate truck drivers to keep logs, and they also mandate periodic rest breaks. Our firm will undertake a thorough investigation of the events leading up to the accident, including driver logs, semi-truck "black boxes" and other resources to determine the exact cause of the accident. If your case involves serious injuries, our attorneys will also work closely with your doctor or other medical specialists to determine your current and future medical needs. Cavanagh Law Group wants to help you get the financial resources you need to rebuild your life.

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