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A high number of truck accidents can be attributed to mechanical causes, either poor maintenance practices or defective parts. These types of cases require thorough investigation and vigorous advocacy.

Cavanagh Law Group is a law firm with a record of success in challenging personal injury cases. We are experienced and have the financial resources necessary to conduct intensive investigations and litigation efforts. Most importantly, we have the determination needed to win.

If you or a loved one has been in a serious truck accident, we can represent you. To learn more about how we can help you, contact Cavanagh Law Group.

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"Our firm will act immediately to begin building your case. We will have an investigator on the scene as soon as possible to determine the cause of the accident."Tim Cavanagh

Trucks travel at high speed. The wreckage from an accident can be scattered over a wide area, making it difficult to piece together a clear picture of what really happened. It is very important to get to the scene to view the debris before it is cleared away.

Cavanagh Law Group will have a professional accident investigator on the scene quickly. We will also act to prevent the destruction and despoliation of the vehicles involved in the crash. Our firm will examine every aspect of the accident, by inspecting parts, reviewing truck company maintenance records and making other investigations. When it can aid the legal effort, we will engage highway safety specialists, product development engineers and other specialists who can pinpoint the cause of the truck accident.

Gordon and Barbara Mark were passengers on a tour bus when a semitrailer struck the rear of the bus. It was a multi-vehicle incident that killed eight of the other passengers on the bus. Media reports alleged that the driver of the semitrailer failed to perform a pre-trip safety check required by federal law that would have discovered mechanical problems with the vehicle and could have prevented the accident. Cavanagh Law Group obtained a $451,914 settlement.

The Chicago negligent truck maintenance attorneys at Cavanagh Law Group will work to build a strong and successful case for you. We welcome inquiries from individuals and referring law firms throughout the state of Illinois.

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