What to Do After a Truck Accident

The stakes are high in an accident involving a tractor-trailer. Fearing a personal injury or wrongful death claim that may run into millions of dollars, the insurance company of the trucking company will begin an immediate investigation. The purpose of this investigation is to find ways to limit its liability for the accident — and if possible, avoid paying the victims any compensation at all.

Cavanagh Law Group is a law firm with a record of success in holding trucking companies and their insurance companies accountable. Truck accident investigations are a search for the truth, and we have the experience and financial resources necessary to uncover truck driver and trucking company negligence. Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for truck accident victims in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

To protect your rights after a truck accident:

  • If you have been hit by a truck, you are likely to suffer significant injuries. But even if you do not think your injuries are serious, obtain medical treatment to make sure you are all right. You may not feel pain until a day or two after the accident.
  • Contact an attorney as soon as possible so that evidence of truck driver and trucking company negligence can be collected and preserved. If not promptly recovered, items such as driver logbooks, GPS systems and maintenance records that may show violations of Department of Transportation regulations can disappear.
  • If you are contacted by an insurance company representative, do not discuss your injuries or the accident. Your words can be twisted around to blame you for the accident or minimize your injuries.
  • Do not sign any releases or accept a settlement check without legal advice. You could end up signing away your rights.
  • Continue to receive medical care until you reach maximum medical improvement. If you discontinue your treatment while you are still feeling pain, the insurance company may think that you are no longer injured.
  • If you do not have medical insurance, contact our lawyers for advice. Don't let a lack of medical insurance stop you from receiving the care you need.

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