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Rollover accidents are sadly all too common on our nation's roadways, especially given the recent rise of SUV purchasing. These cars are designed with a higher center of gravity that makes them three times more likely than traditional sedans to roll over in an accident. It may not surprise you to learn that deadly consequences arise when such a massive vehicle rolls with a driver still inside — brain injuries, spinal injuries and fatalities are common results. A recent study estimated the percentage of deaths from SUV accidents that were caused by rollover at 63 percent, and serious injuries at 46 percent.

Overview of Rollover Accidents

There are two categories of rollover accidents which result in serious damage or injury:

  • Defective design — where the design of the vehicle makes them prone to tip and roll over. Statistics show that SUV rollovers are three times likely to occur than similar situations with passenger vehicles.
  • Negligence — where the accident happened due to negligence of another driver. This can be as a result of the driver failing to yield, inattention to driving conditions, driver fatigue, driver intoxication or other careless conduct.

Get to the Heart of Your Rollover Accident With a Personal Injury Attorney

Understanding the physics involved in a rollover accident is the simple part. The real test of your attorneys in a rollover accident is in understanding how individual car makes and models react to different conditions, include skidding, swiping, broadside accidents and head-on collisions. You may have heard about the great controversy surrounding Ford's line of SUVs in the 90s: Today a number of vehicles remain dangerous or deadly under similar conditions. Winning an SUV rollover accident case requires a deep understanding of the specific manufacturing factors at play. Consequently, it is important that you engage the services of a qualified, experienced and dedicated Illinois rollover accident attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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