Texting-While-Driving Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Texting while driving is illegal in Illinois, but that doesn't stop some drivers from sending and reading text messages when they should be paying attention to the road, thus putting other people at risk. The result is often tragic.

At Cavanagh Law Group, our lawyers have the tenacity to hold distracted drivers accountable for the damage they cause. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for victims of distracted drivers in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

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Chicago Trial Lawyers Who Will Maximize the Value of Your Claim

As experienced trial lawyers, we have the ability to make violators and their insurance companies pay. When faced with the possibility of a jury trial, many insurance companies are willing to settle claims for significant damages. If the insurance company attempts to avoid liability or does not offer fair compensation, our lawyers are willing and able to try your case in court.

Our texting-while-driving accident attorneys in Chicago will immediately act to preserve evidence such as cellphones, cellphone records and statements from witnesses to build the strongest possible case.

What if I Was a Passenger in the Texting Driver's Vehicle?

In Illinois, passengers can seek compensation for injuries suffered in an accident, even if they were riding in the same vehicle as the negligent driver and even if the driver is a member of their family.

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