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Compensation for Industrial Accident Victims

Many industrial machinery accidents happen due to defects in the design of the equipment or defects in individual machine components. Others can occur when an equipment service firm alters safety controls or guards. When an accident does happen, it is very important to identify the exact cause of the mishap to determine potential legal liability.

At Cavanagh Law Group, we are an experienced workplace accident law firm. We have successfully represented many people in cases involving defective equipment and other acts of negligence, and we will fight for you.

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Experienced Illinois Job Injury Lawyers

Cavanagh Law Group has extensive experience in workplace accident cases involving machinery such as punch presses, cutting tools, saws and other devices. We are thorough in our approach and aggressive in court, and we will seek to obtain the best possible result for you.

Our attorneys will take immediate action to preserve evidence. We will work with product safety engineers and other professionals to determine how the accident happened and to assign liability. We will make a full accounting of all financial and emotional losses and seek maximum compensation for you.

Maximizing Your Compensation From All Sources

"At Cavanagh Law Group, we do not take half-measures. Our firm will undertake a comprehensive legal effort to get the best possible result for you."Tim Cavanagh

When a workplace accident has been caused by a third party, such as an equipment supplier, you may be able to obtain compensation above what you receive from the workers' compensation system. Cavanagh Law Group will focus its efforts on your third-party claim. We will coordinate our efforts with those of your workers' compensation lawyer in order to maximize the total compensation and benefits you receive.

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