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Wrongful death is one of the most painful and indelible injuries that can be visited upon any family. There can be an assortment of reasons for a catastrophic event such as a motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, defective product or medical malpractice. Whatever the cause, the burden of proof falls upon the plaintiff to demonstrate the intentional or negligent act of another. It is important, therefore, to work with compassionate and experienced professionals who can help you find a way through the grief to obtain some measure of justice for your loss.

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Cavanagh Law Group has been at the forefront of Illinois wrongful death cases for years, and in that time we have amassed a singular reputation for aggressive litigation, comprehensive research and exceptional medical testimony on behalf of our clients. It is not unusual for defendants in wrongful death cases to deny liability, which is why you need to retain experienced attorneys who can diligently pursue your rights and compel an uncertain jury to act.

Below is a sample of some representative cases we have won on behalf of our clients:

  • Szynalik v. Chicago Transit Authority, et al.
    Settlement: $5,550,000 — On the eve of trial, Cavanagh Law Group obtained a $5.55 million settlement for the family of a woman killed in Chicago on December 31, 2007. Ludwika Szynalik, age 59, was a passenger on a Chicago Transit Authority bus traveling west on Addison Street near its intersection with Natchez Avenue. When the bus stopped, Szynalik exited the bus and went to retrieve her bicycle that she had previously placed on the bus' front bicycle rack. As Szynalik attempted to remove her bicycle, the CTA's bus driver suddenly accelerated, ran her over and dragged her approximately 100 feet down the street. Szynalik was immediately rushed by paramedics to a nearby hospital where she survived for just a few hours.

    The day after Szynalik's death, Cavanagh Law Group had a protective order entered to preserve all evidence related to the horrific incident. Numerous cameras installed on the CTA bus recorded Szynalik in the last moments of her life. The video footage shows the bus accelerating and running over Szynalik while she is clearly in view of the bus driver. For five years, the CTA denied that their driver was at fault, even though the CTA's own video clearly captured the horrific events. The settlement was agreed upon only after the CTA finally admitted that their driver was at fault.
  • Cavanagh Law Group has settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $6.3 million.
    The case arose out of a two-vehicle automobile crash that resulted in the death of a passenger in one of the cars. The lawsuit was litigated for seven years and was appealed to the Illinois Appellate Court on two separate occasions. The name of the case is being withheld as several of the insurance companies involved in this record payout demanded confidentiality of the settlement. Tim Cavanagh, the founding partner of Cavanagh Law Group, stated: "The family is gratified that this case is finally resolved and that justice has been served. Their perseverance and courage in this lengthy litigation allowed Cavanagh Law Group to fully litigate the case and recover this record settlement."
  • Santillana v. City of Chicago and Jesus Gomez
    Resulted in a verdict of: $2,005,798 — On December 12, 2003, a Cook County Circuit Court Jury awarded Elizabeth Santillana $2 million in a hotly disputed wrongful death case. The case arose out of a "police pursuit" on July 18, 2000, that resulted in Dalia Santillana's death when her vehicle was struck by a car driven by a man fleeing a Chicago Police Department squad car engaged in a "police pursuit." Evidence was presented that the police officers "rammed" the Gomez vehicle causing it to lose control and cross the center line. City of Chicago rules on "police pursuits" outlined in General Order 97-3 specifically prohibit "ramming" by squad cars. A Cook County jury rejected the city of Chicago's position that it was not engaged in the pursuit at the time of the fatal collision. Because the city was found 25 percent at fault, it was responsible for the entire verdict amount. The city declined to make a settlement offer prior to trial.
  • Imhof v. Loyola University Medical Center
    Resulted in a settlement of: $1,450,000 — This wrongful death case arose after a man was brought to Loyola for burn injuries but died when the doctors failed to treat him correctly.

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Losing a loved one is one of the worst events that anyone can experience. If you have recently lost a loved one, and you believe another person is at fault, please call Cavanagh Law Group at 312-425-1900 today. The wrongful death lawyers at Cavanagh Law Group are compassionate, respectful and EXPERIENCED. We work on a contingency basis, so you don't have to worry about any fees unless you win. We look forward to earning you a settlement that can help mitigate the pain you have experienced.

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