Catastrophic Injuries

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Catastrophic injuries can occur suddenly and alter the life of a victim in a matter of seconds. Unlike more conventional injuries that heal over a matter of days or weeks, catastrophic injuries tend to linger and may even grow more debilitating with time, leaving victims with a lifetime of impaired abilities and expensive medical care. It is for this reason that catastrophic injury claims are often so essential to the victims: litigation such as this often represents the best chance of recovering significant damages.

Catastrophic Injury Defined

What is a catastrophic injury? Major injuries that strike at the center of our function as individuals can include spinal cord injuries, amputation, severe burns and brain injury. It is not unusual for the victim of a defective product, poor medical care or a major collision to suffer an injury such as this, although catastrophic injury can also occur during childbirth, sports and workplace accidents. Whatever the cause, it is important to work with attorneys who understand the nuances of this kind of litigation, and who can identify the often multiple parties who may be responsible for the event.

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Timothy J. Cavanagh has been named one of the top 500 plaintiffs' lawyers in the United States by LawDragon Magazine, and today the attorneys of Cavanagh Law Group boast a sterling reputation for the dogged defense of our clients. We employ superior medical testimony and a deep understanding of major injuries and their causes, and such attention to detail has earned us a 98% success rate. If your ability to work has been impaired or you may require expensive medical care for years to come, it is paramount that you call an experienced attorney who can help you understand your options and seek compensation right away.

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