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Common Symptoms of Brain Injuries


A brain injury is typically caused by a blow or jolt to the head, which results in damage. However, not all damage is the same, and symptoms can vary depending the severity of the damage as well as the location of the injury. Given the importance of the brain, which essentially controls everything we say, do, think, and feel, this type of injury should always be taken seriously, even if you think it is minor and feel no ill effects.

What are the Symptoms?

No two brain injuries are alike because we, as individuals, may react differently to the same injury. Some symptoms may surface in the immediate aftermath of an accident, though it is also not uncommon for symptoms to take days, weeks, and even months to surface. That was why a person should always seek medical treatment after a brain injury. You might feel fine, but the fact is you may not be.

While symptoms depend on several factors, such as severity, rate of physiological recovery, and resources available to aid recovery, some of the most common symptoms associated with brain injuries include:

  • Cognitive deficits such as attention, memory, confusion, impulsiveness, concentration, and language processing.
  • Speech and language issues such as problems with reading and writing, speaking too fast or slow, slurred speech, and not understanding the spoken word.
  • Sensory difficulties, including interpretation of touch, temperature, movement, and limb position.
  • Problems with vision, including partial or complete loss, blurred vision, and difficulty judging distances.
  • Lost or reduced sense of smell.
  • Lost or reduced sense of taste.
  • Lost or reduced hearing, or ringing in ears.
  • Seizures.
  • Behavioral changes.

Brain injuries can have potentially long-term and devastating effects on a person’s life, which is why they should always be treated without delay.

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