C-Section Injury Lawsuits

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Over the years, cesarean sections often referred to as C-sections, have increasingly gained popularity. In fact, in 2012, more than 32% of all deliveries throughout the United States were C-sections. Of course, there is a wide range of reasons for why these procedures are performed. Although this delivery method can be beneficial for some mothers, the procedures, like all surgeries, do not go without risks.

Sadly, many birth injuries and risks occur during cesarean sections, both to the mother and infant. Although many injuries are completely preventable, others occur as a direct result of negligence and medical errors. At Cavanagh Law Group, our Chicago birth injury lawyers are ready to fight for the rights of those harmed by negligent medical professionals.

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Understanding C-Section Procedures

A cesarean section is a surgical procedure that is used to deliver an infant by creating a surgical incision on the mother’s abdomen and uterine wall. In most cases, these procedures are used when:

  • The infant is too large to move safely through the birth canal
  • The mother’s weight can jeopardize the infant’s safety during birth
  • The mother suffers from certain medical conditions that can make delivery unsafe for the infant
  • The mother is of older age, making it more difficult to deliver the baby through the birth canal
  • Placental problems exist, which can block the cervical opening

Common Types of Birth Injuries and Risks Caused by C-Sections

Unfortunately, there are many different types of risks and birth injuries that can occur during a cesarean section. The most common risks and injuries include the following:

  • Infant Breathing Problems: There is a much higher risk for breathing problems when an infant is delivered using a C-section procedure. If an infant suffers breathing problems during birth, the infant may suffer from long-term health issues such as respiratory distress syndrome.
  • Fetal Lacerations: If an infant suffers scrapes or cuts during a C-section procedure, the infant can suffer from serious, life-long health conditions such as fractures, cervical cord injuries, Klumpke’s palsy, and Erb’s palsy.
  • Anesthesia Injuries: During these procedures, mothers are given medication to ensure pain relief. However, if they are given the wrong dosage, the mother can suffer injuries such as dangerously low blood pressure, blood clots, internal bleeding, placental abruption, and placenta previa.
  • Maternal Surgical Damages: Although these are amongst the rarest forms of injuries that occur during C-sections, they can be life-threatening to the mother and infant when they do occur. These types of injuries can occur when a doctor acts recklessly or without the appropriate caution and causes damage to the mother’s nearby organs.
  • Maternal Infections: After the delivery process, doctors must be sure to properly clean and disinfect the area of surgery. Failure to properly disinfect the area post-surgery can result in the development of the following infections: streptococcus, endometritis, and intra-amniotic infection.
  • Blood Clots: There is a high risk for blood clots after a mother has undergone a cesarean section. For this reason, medical professionals should monitor mothers and allow them to walk within 24 hours following surgery in order to prevent blood clots from forming and moving towards the brain, heart, or lungs.

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At Cavanagh Law Group, our team is committed to providing top-tier legal services on behalf of those who have been harmed due to the negligence, recklessness, or carelessness of medical professionals. If someone you love has suffered serious injuries or their infant has suffered injuries during birth, we encourage you to get in touch with our legal team right away. When you choose to entrust our team with your case, we will examine every detail associated with your matter and work diligently to seek justice for you and your family. In every case, we fight to obtain monetary compensation.

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