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Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts for Railroad Accident Victims

At Cavanagh Law Group, our attorneys have extensive experience handling train accidents and collisions, including a handful of high-profile cases. Train accidents are devastating due to the speed and weight of these vehicles. At our firm, we understand the various factors that go into a railway accident, which means we know how to build a strong, compelling case over the course of our investigation.

$55 Million Verdict Won for Local Family

Fidel and Francisca Velarde were being driven by their daughter when they crossed an open railroad crossing. Unfortunately, the crossing guard was malfunctioning, and the dispatcher told the train operators that the crossing was clear. As a result, the 8-million-pound train struck their car, severely and permanently injuring everyone inside.

This verdict amount set a state record for railroad accident cases. The verdict here was an especially satisfying victory for the Velarde family and our firm, as Illinois Central Railroad Co. originally offered to settle for only $3 million - far less than what our clients needed or deserved.

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