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Our Chicago product liability attorneys work to find evidence of an existing product flaw; we then use this evidence to prove our client suffered as a result of the product defect (which likely stem from negligence, breach of warranty, or strict liability). Drawing a straight line from one to the other takes experience and a deep understanding of the Illinois product liability legal system. We have been winning product liability cases in Illinois and throughout the nation for many years.

Utilizing our professional experience, resources, and hard work has allowed us to secure record-breaking multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients - in total, we have secured more than $450 million in settlements and verdicts in less than a decade. Cavanagh Law Group has the insight, the resources, and the sheer hard work and grit to fight for your case with the full power of the law.

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At Cavanagh Law Group, our passion is leveling the playing field between our clients and the world's largest manufacturers. In the eyes of the law, it's not how much money you throw at a case that matters-it's the truth of your story. Our attorneys are skilled at making the truth clear to our opponents and to the jury, resulting in financial security, medical care, and closure for our clients.

If you're afraid that you cannot afford high-quality product liability lawyers in Chicago, product liability cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. That means we front the costs and risks of your trial, so you pay nothing upfront. If you win the case, we receive a portion of your judgment or settlement. If you lose, it's on us - you won't owe us a fee at all.

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