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Chicago Defective Drug Lawyers

When Approved Drugs Become Defective

As drug companies accelerate their trials and the FDA struggles to keep up, a number of respected physicians believe safety and exhaustive testing have been lost in the process. The result is an unprecedented wave of side effects, both minor and major, ranging from mood disruptions to major brain injury, heart attack, and death. Thankfully, the legal system in Illinois ensures victims have a number of ways to fight back.

How to Win a Defective Drug Case

At Cavanagh Law Group, our Chicago defective drug attorneys aren't afraid of applying considerable pressure to pharmaceutical companies and the courts on your behalf. Whether you have experienced a Heparin allergy or a heart attack due to Yaz birth control, we offer a network of medical experts and forensic specialists who can make sense of your experience and get you what you deserve. Clients often tell us they had no idea so much documentation was available to prove their claim in a clinical setting. That's the power of hard work meeting insight and experience.

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